Join us on our journey to sustainable, inclusive contracting

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Why we exist

Picture a world where trading relationships are collaborative, equitable and inclusive, built on trust through mutual understanding and shared values. Public and private sectors collaborate effectively, openly and fairly. Human rights and climate justice are integral to the contracting process. Agreements use clear and simple language designed to be inclusive. Supply chains are transparent, resilient, ethical and promote shared responsibility. That's what we are building through WorldCC Foundation.

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We've done the hard work - now you can benefit from our research and expertise

Empower! Raising Commercial Capability around the globe.

We are empowering groups that might not otherwise have access to educational resources including entrepreneurs, women owned businesses and indigenous communities around the world.

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“Our intent is to transform commercial and contracting practices worldwide. We believe that better contracts lead to better business and a better society for all.” - Sally Guyer, President and CEO, WorldCC Foundation

What’s going on? We have events for everyone in 2023

We build networks and communities, for individuals to connect and share best practice from across the globe. We lift our communities up and bring them together through our events.

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Academic Symposium

Partnering with prestigious Universities, our free, virtual, annual Academic Symposium provides a rich and fertile ground for further research initiatives.

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World Sustainable Contracting Day

This one-day virtual event - free to all - is dedicated to tackling the challenges of implementing an ESG agenda into commercial and contracting practices.

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Inspiring Women

These events not only aim to inspire, but also to remind the world of the incredible contributions that women make to commerce and society as a whole.

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