Our Vision

We can make the world a better place one contract at a time

We envisage a world where all trading relationships deliver social and economic benefit.

Trade and trading relationships are the foundation of human society enabling prosperity and driving social benefit. Yet, those contracts are often divisive, exclusionary and unusable by the bulk of society. They are weighted towards power and self-interest. 

A sustainable world demands a fresh approach.

Our Goal and Purpose

To be the Foundation that is recognised for worldwide leadership in sustainable and inclusive contracting.

WorldCC Foundation works to promote and enable an environment where commercial policies and practices are fair and transparent, and contracts are accessible and inclusive for all.

We believe that better contracts lead to better business and a universally better society, that’s why our resources are offered entirely free of charge.

Our Agenda for Change To transform the landscape for the creation, execution and governance of commercial relationships through the latest technologies, techniques, methods and practices which benefit society.

What we do

We work by…

  • identifying and promoting international standards and practices through commitments which are ethical, achievable and sustainable.
  • providing access to the free resources, templates, knowledge and tools that can make trading relationships fairer.
  • advocating for clear and simple contracts that are inclusive and accessible to all
  • sponsoring and leading the development of independent working groups and research projects that benefit society.

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