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Picture a world where trading relationships are collaborative, equitable and inclusive, built on trust through mutual understanding and shared values. Public and private sectors collaborate effectively, openly and fairly. Human rights and climate justice are integral to the contracting process. Agreements use clear and simple language designed to be inclusive. Supply chains are transparent, resilient, ethical and promote shared responsibility.

Sadly, this is not our reality today. But the WorldCC Foundation, supported by our friends at World Commerce and Contracting, is here to change that.

WorldCC Foundation is an independent non-profit public charity 501(c)(3) working globally.

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“WorldCC Foundation supports the continuous development of global contracting and commercial standards, public access tools and education.” - Nikki MacKay, Chief Development Officer, WorldCC Foundation

Sally Guyer

Our CEO and President

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Tim Cummins

Chief Research Officer

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Silvia Pessah-Eljay

Chair of Governors

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