Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

WorldCC Foundation represents a pillar for better business and a better society for all. We advocate to promote changes that benefit society and contribute to our collective vision of a world where all trading relationships deliver both social and economic benefit.

Our organisational priorities do not stop there.

We are resolute in our advocacy and celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion. At our very heart we are an organisation that challenges boundaries, removes barriers and connects people. Diversity, equity and inclusion are therefore critical in the realization of our vision and mission and as such, we are unwavering in our dedication to embed these values across everything we do – they are fundamental principles and practices that guide us.

Our expectations are high; positive, inclusive attitudes and working practices for all ethnicities, genders, ages, religion, identities, and backgrounds must be a reflex not only an endeavour.

As we work to achieve the impact we desire, WorldCC Foundation will hold fast on the following:

  • Actively listening to our partners and communities, investing time and support to elevate their voices and ideas
  • Nurturing a culture that recognizes, celebrates and values all backgrounds, experiences, voices, roles and contributions
  • Establishing practices that build a globally diverse community that feels empowered and supported to perform at their highest potential
  • Placing responsibility on our leaders to develop diverse and inclusive teams, to make decisions equitably and transparently and to model inclusive behaviors

The WorldCC Foundation community is unified in our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility and our work is invariably imbued with a deep sense of pride, spirit, passion, and belonging as a result.