Commercial Awareness Program

Improve your commercial awareness and decision-making in our FREE dynamic online training program, gifted to us by WorldCC.

The need for commercial judgment has never been greater, but it is threatened by the pressure for speed and demands for frictionless commerce.

What’s the answer? Today, more than ever, businesses need to raise the level of commercial awareness within their organization. They need people who can recognize risk, who understand when they need to turn to experts.

Time is precious. Commercial awareness training must be practical, incisive, and easy to digest. That’s why our dynamic, interactive, on-demand program – that should take between two to three hours to complete - is just the training you need.

Who should take it?

This program is primarily directed to those who are not in the commercial or contracting function but need to develop an understanding of the overall contracting process to help drive successful trading relationships for their organization.

Examples include employees in product management, delivery, order processing, finance, relationship management, sales, and other related departments within an organization.

This program can also be a primer to those new to contract and commercial management and intend to pursue a career or supporting role in the profession.


To sign up for the program, that has been gifted to us by our partner association, World Commerce and Contracting, you must sign up as a guest to WorldCC or register on the WorldCC Foundation website. The same login details can be used on both sites. There is no cost implication, and you can choose to opt out of all communications not pertaining to this course.

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