Social Value International Working Group

Set up in January 2020, this internationally diverse group of leading experts has come together to address the multitude of available localised national guidance seeking to deliver "social value" and is streamlining that into a practical set of policies and practices that can inspire consistent global application.

We are sharing inspirational ideas and seek to make it easier for organisations to introduce social value policies to make sure the intended beneficiaries do indeed benefit. We aim to create an international guide to underpin new international contracting standards and norms.

Sustainable Contracting Community

Members of the Sustainable Contracting Community are invited to collaborate and share at World Sustainable Contracting Day (WSCD), they can access resources in our Sustainable Contracting Repository including:

  • On demand content WSCD
  • Policies
  • Reports and analysis
  • Case studies
  • Articles and academic research
  • Webinar recordings
  • Copies of contributions from working group members and recordings of meetings

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