Silvia Pessah-Eljay


My name is Silvia Pessah and I´m honored to join the WorldCC Foundation board. You can ask yourself why a former Minister of Health and how she can contribute? Not an easy answer but health, social change and contract practices are fundamental to access, to change, to improve social determinants of health, allowing social development.  Good commercial practices are key instruments to give access and social change with equity.

I worked in Peru, Israel and other countries, always trying to improve the health conditions of the populations. Today, with the whole picture of the importance of commercial relations and public health I work in different parts of the world as a public health advisor, joining different boards and committees related with social development. Author of books´ chapters sharing my working time researching in the academia. I live in Lima, Peru, with my doggy, and have wonderful family and friends that support all my new initiatives.