Better Contract Design Mark

Join the contract design revolution!

Through our revolutionary work in Contract Design and Simplification, we ensure that all contracts are inclusive and accessible to everyone. 

Our Better Contract Design Mark recognizes contracts that are designed to make business easier for all.

Assessed on their design, language, relationship and usability, they exemplify contracts that are user friendly, clear, visual, inclusive and good for business.

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Be clear, be visual, be inclusive. Be better.

What makes a better designed contract?

  • Plain language, simplified design and a user-friendly approach allowing greater inclusivity and accessibility.
  • The contract is clear, well-structured and visually appealing.
  • Human-centered - placing the reader's needs and abilities first.
  • There is a clear intent to enhance transparency, aid communication and engender trust.
  • The overall approach promotes ease of doing business
  • There is a coherent alignment with an organization’s brand and tone of voice

Who has already been awarded the mark?