Deborah-Anne Strydom

Senior Expert Contract Management


Deborah-Anne Strydom is originally from South Africa and has been working in telecommunications in various roles for over 18 years. She currently lives in China, having taken on a global role as a Senior Expert in Contract and Commercial Management for Huawei Technologies.

Her unconventional route to her current role has meant that she has worked in five distinctly different industries, although always with a focus on contracts and the pivotal role they play within an organisation. Over the years her role has evolved from a manager of contracts, and by proxy risk, to a senior global expert in Contract and Commercial Management. Today, she supports a staff complement of over 300 people in all countries and regions where the company operates through training, enablement, advice and her seemingly endless knowledge and curiosity for all things related to contracts and risk.

Her time off is spent lounging with her three cats, coffee, and a good book.