El Mendoza

Senior Compliance Manager

Cypress Creek Renewables

My name is El Mendoza, born and raised in a small village in the Philippines. I work as a Senior Compliance Manager at Cypress Creek Renewables. I possess extensive experience in contract management, ethics and compliance, process improvements, and writing policies and procedures. I hold a bachelor’s degree in office management, and I am a certified Paralegal from the University of the Philippines. To keep myself motivated and inspire others, I always remind myself that life doesn't end with a "NO." Keep going, never stop learning, and pay it forward. In my free time, I enjoy traveling alone and capturing moments through photography. While I cherish moments of solitude, I also love spending me with good company. I constantly challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone, and the experience of doing so always leaves me feeling more courageous and unconventional. The knowledge and wisdom I gain from these experiences always make the discomfort completely worth it.