Elyssa Herd

Sourcing Specialist

NSW Treasury

My professional path has wound through diverse fields from early childhood education to property administration, service provision, and finance, finally landing on my passion for procurement in 2015. Alongside my career, I have the challenging role of being a devoted mother to two young children.

The shift into procurement and ethical sourcing signifies a pivotal moment in my career. It wasn't just a career transition; it aligned my passions with my professional pursuits. For me, procurement showcases a commitment to driving positive change beyond the bottom line. This is an exciting time for women in the industry. The women’s economic reform happening at a national level allows us to prove our worth and forge our path as empathetic leaders with win-win negotiating styles and an ability to form strong relationships with stakeholders and suppliers alike.

As a parent, I bring a unique perspective to my work. The empathy, patience, and multitasking skills cultivated through parenthood intertwine seamlessly with the strategic thinking and ethical considerations integral to procurement and sourcing. My dedication to ethical practices isn't just a professional goal; it's a personal one, driven by a desire to create a better world for my children, as I take the lead in things like Modern Slavery risk assessment, Disability inclusion and the practical application of social procurement policies within NSW Government.

My current role of sourcing specialist with NSW Procurement is varied and interesting. The recent change in government is enacting change across the sector – which is both exciting and challenging. I hope to continue embedding my personal values into business practices so I can best serve the citizens of NSW and beyond.