Greta Ambrutyte

Head of SPP Competence Centre

Public Procurement Office


I have been working in public procurement for 10 years. I started my career at the Public Procurement Office, the state institution responsible for implementing public procurement policy in Lithuania. In this organisation I worked as a senior specialist responsible for providing methodological assistance, consulting, and training to contracting authorities on various public procurement issues. After gaining experience in the implementation of public procurement policy, I decided to try myself and see how public procurement is run from the inside of a contracting authority. While working in contracting authorities such as state enterprise Turto Bankas, the sole manager of centralised administrative real estate in Lithuania, and Lithuanian Railways, one of the biggest contracting authorities in Lithuania I gained over 5 years of practical public procurement experience.

In 2021, Lithuania launched its ambitious public procurement reform, providing a mandate to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and ensure every public procurement decision considers its environmental impact. In addition, a dedicated Sustainable Public Procurement Competence Centre was established at the Public Procurement Office in Lithuania. It was here that I realised that there was an area in the Lithuanian public procurement system where I could use my professional experience and contribute to the achievement of the country’s goals. I believe that my inner passion helped me to become a Head Sustainable Public Procurement Competence Centre, where I have the opportunity to lead implementation and to support contracting authorities and suppliers in their adoption of green criteria and sustainable procurement.