Janet Taylor Hall

CEO, Cognia

Janet Taylor-Hall is a mother, wife, friend, mentor, founder and CEO. She has a passion for ensuring the diverse team of legal professionals she works with and the communities in which she operates in thrive.

She spends her time between London and Cape Town. Janet has spent her entire career building solutions initially as a management consultant at EY, then for 10 years at Clifford Chance followed by 2 years with a LPO (Legal Process Outsourcer) Integreon and for the last 10 years as CEO and Founder of the Law Company Cognia Law.

“Waking up in the morning and having something important to do” is something Janet lives by and has found this only comes when what you are doing benefits a wider community. Founding Cognia has enabled her to do that every day. She actively shares her experience and network with others. In this way sustaining relationships and building new ones which includes mentoring.

She believes passionately that it is only through collaboration that we will drive the sustainable change we all seek.