Kristie Hamilton

Global Director of Global Purchasing and Manufacturing Services Operations and Transformation, General Motors

Kristie joined General Motors in 2001 and has worked in a variety of departments, including Manufacturing Engineering, Global Engineering, Purchasing, and currently Global Business Solutions. She is the Global Director overseeing Corporate Services purchasing, Purchasing as a Service, Supply Operations, Material Management, Manufacturing Services, and Transformation & Business Development Organizations within the Global Purchasing and Manufacturing Services Group. These functions service all GM organizations globally and are performed in Seventeen languages and multiple systems. The skills learned and development in engineering, Manufacturing and Global Purchasing allow for creative out of the box problem solving and solutions with a global view. The goal is not just faster and cheaper, but also a better user experience, improved supplier relationships, relevant metrics, data transparency and understanding the why. All with a foundational focus on transformation. As a Global Leader, she encourages strategic thinking, resulting in innovation and action. Kristie is an agile leader, who is creative as well as collaborative, allowing her to adapt to the rapidly changing automotive industry.

Prior to working in GBS, Kristie worked as a manufacturing engineer in designing and overseeing the build, installation and debugging of new equipment for the manufacturing and assembly of components, as well as product movement equipment. Kristie also has experience in Indirect, Machinery, and Equipment at General Motors, working on projects that brought better value to GM manufacturing.