Lisa Stubbs

Policy Lead Open and Transparency Contracting, UK Cabinet Office

I started in the civil service aged 23, uncertain of what I wanted to do with my future. I settled quickly into this environment. I started out working in telecoms and technology procurement for a centralised procurement organisation and found that I had space to learn and grow and the work was interesting and challenging. I promoted quickly to a management position. Motherhood beckoned and I took a career break, which allowed me to be entrepreneurial, but I was soon keen to return to public service.

I discovered the area of procurement policy by chance, and found the opportunity to create new methods, rules and legislation to be fascinating. I worked in the team that changed the UK procurement regulations to account for Brexit and quickly became involved in the formulation of a new regulatory framework. I specialised in transparency in public procurement, ensuring that there was a good regulatory framework that would ensure the right information is put into the public domain at the right time to facilitate commercial activity and crucially, allow citizens to see how the public sector is letting and managing contracts. I now lead the transparency and open contracting team, formulating policy and working with lawyers to take primary and secondary legislation through the Houses of Parliament.

What I enjoy about this work is the opportunity to create a better commercial environment, which will benefit suppliers, civil society and the public sector. There are competing needs and understanding the drivers for change means I am very focussed on delivering the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

I feel passionately about my work and the improvements it brings to commercial practice in the public sector. I love leading a team, developing individuals to fulfil their potential and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to contribute to a generational change in public procurement.