Mary Bonsor

Founder Flex


Over seven years ago, Mary Bonsor, a qualified property litigator, launched Flex Legal on a mission to change the legal industry for the better. Initially, this was through 'on demand' interim legal recruitment, as a means to help deserving law graduates who were hungry for legal work experience by pairing them with struggling legal teams with capacity issues. Later, Mary expanded Flex’s mission by founding the Flex Trainee scheme, a social mobility initiative designed to help aspiring solicitors from underrepresented backgrounds qualify in-house via the SQE.

To date, Flex Legal's on-demand service has helped thousands of law graduates nationwide boost their careers by finding legal work experience. The Flex Trainee scheme, which launched in October 2021, is already helping 50 deserving socially mobile aspiring solicitors qualify with some of the UK’s biggest and best in-house legal teams.

As Founder of Flex Legal, Mary has played a pivotal role in helping the business to grow and develop into the incredible organisation it is today. In October 2023, Mary made the decision to step down as CEO, whilst continuing to work for the business in her capacity of Founder. Mary felt wary that many founders remain CEOs as businesses mature, largely to satisfy their own egos. She felt very strongly that it was best to put the interests of the company and its people first, so instead decided to focus on her strengths in 'incubating' new business offerings and developing new client relationships.