Nada Alnajafi

Sr. Corporate Counsel, Franklin Templeton | Founder, Contract Nerds | Author, Contract Redlining Etiquette

In addition to her work as in-house counsel, Nada has dedicated herself to bettering the global contracts community by creating quality content about contracts and developing engaging communities for contracts professionals. Her mission is to help fill the education gap and the community gap so that professionals who work with contracts are better supported and set up for success.

Beginning in 2020, Nada has regularly posted about contract negotiation and redlining tips on LinkedIn. After seeing the responses and realizing that this type of content filled a much-needed gap in the contracting community, she knew she had to do more. That’s when Nada founded Contract Nerds, an expert-driven resource and community for all types of contracts professionals around the world. Today, Contract Nerds supports thousands of contracts professionals from varying backgrounds, industries, and locations around the world. She has published articles from over 70 contracts experts and she has mentored eight law students.

In 2022, Nada published her book Contract Redlining Etiquette, which provides the first and only uniform set of rules about how to redline contracts. According to a recent poll Nada conducted with over 1,000 respondents, 78% of contracts professionals learn how to redline contracts while on-the-job instead of in a classroom, formal training program, or from a hands-on mentor or boss. This lack of uniformity creates many inefficiencies, frustrations, and skepticism within the contract negotiation process. In her book, Nada lays out 10 best practices that promote efficiency, transparency, and inclusion within the contract negotiation and redlining process. Her work has sparked a movement within the contracts community to change the status quo and take a more purposeful and strategic approach to redlining contracts.