Roma Khan

CEO and Founder

CrushContracts Inc

Roma Khan is the Contracts Queen, attorney, fashionista, and founder and CEO of CrushContracts, a contracts services company. She is also the inventor of Zoey, a contract management software for small businesses, and GlobalNDA, the first opt-in NDA registry for companies to reduce redundant NDAs. She specializes in commercial contracts, process optimization, and technology innovation. Her mission is to simplify, and reduce contracts. Roma firmly believes in humanizing contracts to strengthen relationships between legal departments and stakeholders, as well as counterparties. She is a fierce advocate for women's rights, and equality in the workplace, and strives to make law accessible to all.

Roma lived in Saudi Arabia and India before moving to the US as a teenager. These experiences contributed towards her understanding of law, commerce, and human rights on a global scale. Roma is dedicated to helping others through her work. She mentors attorneys in contracts, legal practice, and corporate leadership. Her company, CrushContracts, provides flex contract help to companies, and flex work to parents, especially moms who have been left behind by the industry for taking time off for their families. Saving time, reducing stress, and enabling her clients and staff to be with their loved ones is her not so secret agenda.

Her approach in life and work is to bring happiness to others through her work and life. Helping close deals, connecting people, sharing resources, and speaking loudly for herself and others are some examples of her adding happiness to the world. When Roma Khan is not innovating law and empowering others, she binge watches murder mysteries, manages her IVF groups, decorates cakes, and throws fabulous parties.