Verity White

Founder at Checklist Legal

Location: Australia

Verity found her love for the law and contracts later in life as a mature age legal student.

After completing an internship with a mid-sized telco company, she was invited to stay on as a paralegal - yes to finally getting paid to do legal work! She enjoyed the fast pace of work and practical experience of in house life.

As a junior lawyer, Verity was eager to help with more substantial contracts but found her time eaten away with contract admin. Printing and binding contracts, tabbing up documents for signatures, chasing down executives to sign documents, scanning in contracts… She felt stuck in admin and frustrated.

So she decided to encourage the small legal team to adopt electronic signatures and from there her love affair with contracts really took off.

What started as just a productivity focus turned into a real passion as Verity started to explore plain language and visual contracting, attending various conferences and getting involved with communities across the world looking to improve contracts.

As an in house lawyer, Verity could see the tangible benefits of re-designing contracts for readability and efficiency every day, and she was keen to learn more.

As she read and learn more, Verity started to test and create her own methods for re-designing contracts in a way that worked for a busy corporate world where automation and scale are important.

This lead to Verity writing articles, blog posts, an eBook, as well as presenting at various conferences and creating a podcast… generally about improving contracts!

And now Verity has created her own law firm, Checklist Legal, around creating amazing contracts for businesses to help them speed up the contract process and improve relationships with their clients.