Technology Sustainability Index

Open Source sustainability concept for IT Procurement professionals

TSi Concept

Do you also have sustainability on the agenda?

Do you also struggle to find a way to embed sustainability evaluations in Technology RFP’s?

  • Maersk IT/Tech Procurement have developed a new free-to-use sustainability maturity model. The concept is created in collaboration with key leading global technology providers, procurement-/sustainability experts, and a leading education institution in Denmark.
  • The concept is powered by Maersk Procurement and made available to other procurement organizations at no cost. The concept is also free of charge for all technology suppliers participating.
  • The TSi was embedded in all technology tenders in Maersk starting January 2023, and our hope and goal is, that IT Procurement experts in other corporations will start using the concept as well. We hope the Technology industry will welcome and include the initiative as a simple methodology to demonstrate sustainability maturity.

Easily adoptable: Open Source and free usage

  • Maersk recognize that other IT/Tech procurement organizations are seeking similar concepts, and we are happy to be able to offer the TSi documentation, questionnaire and TSi scoring as an Opensource concept to IT/Tech Procurement professionals across the world.
  • Through wider adoption of the TSi we join forces throughout the procurement community and collaboratively we will push the technology industry into higher focus on their internal sustainability agenda.
  • We will also offer methodology and apply pressure on technology decision makers to consider sustainability as a factor in supplier selection decisions.
  • Maersk will run the questionnaire and data collection process in a bi-yearly cycle. On the TSi LinkedIn Group we will publish a TSi score dashboard in order for procurement colleagues across the world can make use of the evaluations directly into their own technology RFP evaluations.

As a Procurement professional, we urge you to join the TSi LinkedIn group using the QR code. In this group, you can discuss the usage and learning between the group members, as well as be able to download the TSi concept presentation, the latest questionnaire versions, the weighting model, and of course, the TSi scores.

The TSi concept is Opensource, and all you need to get started is to join the group and download the TSi scores for the supplier participating in your tender.

All we ask of you is to give us a note in the LinkedIn group that you have used the concept.

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